Exciting Announcement! Artfully Speaking Speech and Language Services in Ottawa is now servicing children aged birth-8 years.

Do you have a child aged birth-8 who needs speech-language therapy services in Ottawa or online? As the owner of the Artfully Speaking Speech Therapy Clinic in Ottawa (, I am pleased to respond to the current lack of speech and language services for children aged birth to 8 in the Ottawa and GTA area (virtual) by offering space on my caseload for children!  My focus for treatment over the […]

Hello. Are you Listening? I am talking, can you Hear Me?

As the owner of Artfully Speaking Ottawa Speech Therapy in Ottawa Ontario, I explain the importance of LISTENING many times a day to the adolescents and adults I work with.  In your day-to-day life, how many times have you had to repeat yourself to a partner, child, or teammate? We wonder if they may have trouble hearing. It baffles us that we can convey a clear message still to have […]

“Can you please pass me the butter?”

Musings on Communication Strategies during the holiday season by a private practice speech language pathologist in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. As most of you know, I wholeheartedly believe that communication is one of the single most important actions we do as human beings. Humans are a social breed and whether we consciously know it or not, we need to connect with others, even if we tend towards introversion. The holiday season […]

COVID 19-The Impact on Communication

The Speech and Hearing Association of Canada informs us that more than 10% of school aged children have communication difficulties, at least 30% of stroke survivors experience communication difficulties, and up to 90% of people living with Parkinson’s disease have difficulty communicating. Furthermore, at any point in the school year between one and five children in elementary school will have some degree of temporary hearing loss due to hearing ear […]