"My training in the arts allows me to help people develop new paradigms to facilitate better communication in our world!"

Lisa Abbott Moore SLP (C) & CCC/SLP (she/her) Exciting Announcement! Artfully Speaking Speech and Language Services in Ottawa is now servicing children aged birth-8 years.

Artfully Speaking Provides: Keynote Presentations, Advocacy, All Abilities Art Lessons including for those with Disabilities, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Workshops, Evidenced Based Practice Trainings on the use of Arts in Healthcare & educational settings.

In my opinion, I have been drawn to my profession since my childhood (age 4) when I began to help others understand my best friend David, who had a severe phonological and articulation disorder.

Executive Function in Recovery | Mental Health Monday

With Lisa Abbott Moore
Lisa’s Art Gallery

Lisa’s Art Gallery

Mixed media, Art for Social Change Projects, illustrations, and Submissions

Keynote Speaking Engagements, Public Speaking & Presentations, Educational Workshops

Keynote Speaking Engagements, Public Speaking & Presentations, Educational Workshops

Tweens and Teens

Tweens and Teens

My mission is to make communication accessible to all. Adolescents and adults who want to use creative outlets for themselves, for enhanced communication, and to activate social change in our local area.

About Lisa Abbott Moore (she/her)

Having always known she was here to do important things; Lisa’s life mission has been to help people connect to their world by communicating effectively by using the arts.

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Language-based art activities at the Aphasia Center

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